SINCE 1979

Makers of Fine Shoes

Founded in 1979 in London, at the heart of England, our company specialise in the manufacture of high quality footwear.
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People with skilled hands

The manufacture of high-quality shoes remains very labor-intensive, requiring a highly skilled workforce to carry out more than 200 separate operations during an 8 week period. This method, originated by hand-makers centuries ago, gives the shoes an exceptional degree of strength, durability, and comfort in wear.

Best quality materials

In our opinion, you can only produce high-quality shoes by utilizing and fully understanding high-quality materials. Leather comes in an almost unending variety of types, we use the finest available. Regardless of the type of leather, all skins must meet our high expectations during the production process.

Our team is our family

We are a team of creatives. From craftspeople, designers, consultants, and technicians, we are the people who can take an idea and transform it into a functional prototype that is production-ready. Our team is our family and we strive for a culture of open-mindedness & humility.